Having graduated with a Marine Biology degree, and due to never actually studying photography or film, I'm fairly unqualified at my job.

Luckily, despite this, I now work as a media diver, freelance producer & film maker, commercial photographer and CAA licensed aerial drone pilot.


My commercial work involves documentary and corporate themes alongside being an underwater media diver for a wide range of creative & commercial projects.

In my spare time I combine my scientific and media backgrounds to shoot films, documentaries and photo articles to help promote conservation, inspire others to preserve the natural world, and generally try to score a win for the environment, and to make my parents proud.


Please take a look at my photos and films to see what I get up to, and please get in touch if you have any projects you want to get off the ground and collaborate on, especially if they are to do with the outdoors, natural history, the oceans, wildlife or adventure in general.


I’ve only gotten to where I am because so many kind people have helped and mentored me. If you want to simply just chat cameras and careers over a coffee or beer, please do let me know. Alternatively, shadow me on a shoot if you learn better by doing. I want to help others like I’ve been helped myself.


Long story short, I’m a marine biologist cameraman who wants to use cameras to help save the oceans, so no biggie.

Cheers, Toby :)

Past Credits

Skills and Experience 

I've been lucky enough to get involved on an exciting variety of projects, using a wide range of technical equipment, acting in various assistant, creative and directing roles and putting many artistic processes into action. Below is brief sum up of my key skills, and you can download my full CV here. I like to get involved, help out in any way that I can and make sure that everyone has a laugh doing it.

Camera and Edit

Canon C100/300 1Dx/5D/7D series

Canon Long Lens photography/video

Sony FS7, A7sII & FS700

Panasonic GH4/5

JVC GY ‘ENG’ bodies

Nikon D800 – stills and film

Underwater (GoPro / DSLR)

Aerial (DJI Phantom 4 & Inspire)


Premiere CC, DaVinci, FinalCut Editor

Adobe Creative Cloud Fluent

4k Storage & Workflow fluent


Motion Control and Time-lapse

GoPro OMNI Virtual Reality Rig

CAA Drone Pilot (DJI Phantom and Inspire airframes)

DJI Ronin-M Gimbal Operator


Lighting – Creative and Interview


Production sound recording

Foley sound recording

ADR Production


CAA Drone Pilot

HSE Pt.4 Commercial Diver

First Aid Medical Training

REVO III CCR Owner Diver


Wide variety of films produced from natural history to corporate marketing


Interview and factual writing skills

Experienced Production Coordinator


Location shoots at sea, on land, and in the air

I also make passable tea and coffee, possess excellent bag carrying skills and have a reputation for getting complex things done quickly whilst using nothing more than a toothbrush and a packet of sherbet lemons. If you get that last film reference, we're already friends.